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Boney M.

The history of the most legendary disco band starts from the moment, when western-German producer Frank Farian was dealing with his experemental new sound, having recorded the song "Baby Do You Wanna Bump?", released in 1974.

Jamaican melody "Al Capone", which was very famous in the beginning of 60-s, was sampled in the new track "Baby Do You Wanna Bump?".
In February 1975 Farian has released his own version, taking the name of Boney M (the name was borrowed from the very popular detective series).

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Marcia Barrett of BoneyM.


One of the main members of authentic BoneyM project.
Her voice can be heard in such hits, as "BELFAST", "TAKE THE HEAT OFF ME", "SILENT LOVER" and "NO TIME TO LOSE".